WARNING: we expose the TRUTH about this issue.

"The existence of prostitution is the only reason sex trafficking exists." - D. Hughes

"[Sexual] trafficking is simply the global form of prostitution." - M. Farley

"Human trafficking generates an estimated $9.5 billion in annual revenue. It is closely connected with money laundering, drug trafficking, document forgery and human smuggling." - US Federal Bureau Of Investigation.
"...from all trafficking activities, .. at least $4 billion [is] attributed to the worldwide brothel industry." - Trafficking in Persons Report. U.S. Department of State. 2004.



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Prostitution in Canada

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> are you aware that canada is talking about the decriminalization of brothels? watch .end DEMAND.
> will we be like germany? or will we stand against the grain? see Germany's Sex Shacks Tarnish World Cup.
> read what Senator Mobina Jaffer (link) is saying about this.
> In out of the Rain, featured the controversial proposal to open a co-op brothel in Victoria BC. listen to the podcast here.
> Why aren't we doing what Sweden & Norway are doing? ...read here.

.you CAN make a difference.
"you only get one life. so you've gotta try to make the most of it." - "Holly"

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> human trafficking canada (link)
> Slaying The Giant Conference : an anti-trafficking conference put on by Ratanak in the fall in 2007. [conference mp3's]
> "Holly" : a Priority Films movie about a Vietnamese girl trafficked into Cambodia and the American man who tries to save her.

"there are over 60, 000 child prostitutes in Cambodia" ... "i wasn't trying to help 60, 000 girls... i was trying to help one."
> check out Transitions Cambodia, Inc.'s review on this film and then go see it.

"View Shared Hope International?s explosive new documentary, featuring investigative footage of the dark and hidden world of sex traffickers, pimps and buyers. DEMAND. exposes the men who buy commercial sex, the vulnerable women and children sold as commodities, and the facilitators of the sale within the marketplace of exploitation." (- from site.) [the full report.]

SO does "60,000 child prostitutes" concern you? does it concern you to the point of movement? did you imagine that due to the DEMAND, or "need", both domestically and internationally, 60,000 - CHILDREN - are being raped and exploited every day? and that's just in ONE country.

"There are over 30 million VICTIMS of human trafficking and modern day slavery in the world today." - US Trafficking in Persons Report

"No country is immune from human trafficking. Victims are forced into prostitution or to work in quarries and sweatshops, on farms, as domestics, as child soldiers, and in many forms of involuntary servitude. Traffickers often target children and young women. They routinely trick victims with promises of employment, educational opportunities, marriage, and a better life." - 2004 US Trafficking in Persons Report

"if any of you happens to see an injustice, you are no longer a spectator, you are a participant. and you have an obligation to do something." - june callwood

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor." - Bishop Desmond Tutu

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