When you look at Nathan & Tasha Hakeem's photography, you will be drawn into the moments beyond the one captured. For the ones captured are *just moments* of life... there is so much more going on beyond the scene. Their photos will move you.

a just moment : just your moment : just a moment

.Nathan For over six years from 2000, Nate led teams of university students primarily into Asia and the Pacific as well as other parts of the world. After a few visits to Japan, in 2004 Nate founded the Japan-focus school at the university he was working for in hawai'i. His focus became leading teams specifically into Japan for the next 2 and a half years. It wasn't until 2004, while leading teams in Japan, that he realized he had an eye for photography and started focusing more intentionally on it. In 2007, Nate had his first photography exhibition and since then has been actively pursuing his love for photography.

.Tasha With a Bachelor's Degree in studio/fine art, Tasha was determined to use her gift in art only if it had real purpose, "not just another painting with no real meaning." After receiving her BFA degree in 2001, she put away her art supplies and worked at a high-security young offenders prison. It was through journeying with a couple girls at the prison and seeing their lives changed that made Tasha's foundation of relationship so vital to her current work. During a trip to Australia & Papua New Guinea in 2003-2004, she met her purpose, came home & began planning the foundational trip for her work in justice photography. In 2004, Tasha founded *captured by tasha* and traveled to the Middle East with a focus on honour killing. In being surrounded by a culture and mindset so different from her own, she experienced the value of living within a society in order to be the voice needed for those she was advocating for. Tasha met Nate in 2005 while studying digital photography in Hawai'i.

.justMoments Nathan & Tasha were married in 2006 and by 2007 became regional leaders for Global Youth Network. In 2008, the couple led their first (and G.Y.N.'s first) justice photography team to Japan focusing on trafficking, prostitution & homelessness. The couple founded *justMoments Photography* in 2009 focusing on justice awareness, while also creating fine art and portrait photography.

.our full-time journey 2012+ In 2012, the Hakeem Family moved to Hawai'i where NATE went on staff with the School of Biblical Studies Department at the University of the Nations in Kona. He staffed the SBS-Japan in Honolulu (2012) and lead the Japan team. In 2013, he became the school leader for the new Discipleship Bible School. TASHA is foremost a mum. She is also a DONA Birth and Postpartum Doula; as well as a health/essential oil educator. TASHA's ministry focus is prenatal/birth/postpartum with a specialization in sexual trauma and trafficking.
Our family's focus is discipleship, human trafficking and, reconciliation. We are currently based in Hawai'i with a long-term calling to Japan.

See part of our story in a 2012 TV Interview with Mindy Tweedle.
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